Heslerton Cricket Club - Mission Statement

"To develop a solid infrastructure and provide the opportunity for all members, coaches and volunteers of Heslerton Cricket Club to maximise their potential."

Aim 1:

Appoint young players onto the Cricket Club’s Management Committee

Encourage young cricketers to enrol on coaching and umpiring courses

Nominate players to attend County age group trials relevant to ability and potential

Ensure coaching sessions are held within a progressive yet fun environment

Promote an atmosphere of involvement and belonging to Heslerton Cricket Club

Aim 2:

Liaise with Junior Football Club to encourage girls to extend their involvement within football to cricket

Seek to appoint and train a female coach

Regain the interest of ladies involved in a successful team, disbanded in year 2000.

Promote the opportunity of girls training and coaching with local schools

Aim 3:

Ensure full accessibility to new sports pavilion and changing rooms in partnership with Heslerton Sports Club Committee

Recognise the requirement of both children and adults with special needs to participate

Aim 4:

Encourage participation of any black or ethnic players, from the local community

Aim 5:

Form partnership with Ryedale & Whitby School Sport Partnership to ensure use of ground as required by local schools

Form partnership with Ryedale District Council to deliver some of the club and coach education courses

Form partnership with Scarborough or Ryedale Cricket Development Groups for junior tournaments

Provide cricket coaching and fun activities to young boys and girls.

Aim 6:

Improve playing strength of senior team to progress from Division ‘A’ into ‘Premier’ Division of Readers Scarborough Beckett Cricket League

Encourage integration between 1st and 2nd Saturday senior teams

Integrate young cricketers into Evening League and Derwent Valley teams



Internal Communication and Ownership

The writing of our club development plan is managed by the Club Secretary, President and a small working party of 3 people

They are tasked with drafting the contents of the plan in order for the management committee to comment / amend

Each member of the working group is tasked with consulting with the club members about the writing of the club development plan

The final draft of the plan is agreed by the management committee

Once agreed a summary copy of the plan will be posted on the cricket section of the Heslerton Sports Club website.

A copy of the full development plan will be communicated by the Club Secretary to parent body, Heslerton Sports Club, to all members of the management committee and team captains

The full club development plan will be available upon request to any member and spectator at the club

The junior manager will be requested to communicate the summary version of the plan to all parents / carers, spectators, members and young people involved in the junior section

External Communication and Ownership

We will communicate our club development plan to the head teachers at West Heslerton, Sherburn, Rillington and West Lutton Primary Schools and Norton College

We will also communicate our plan to the Partnership Development Manager, Ryedale School Sport Partnership and the Community Project Officer, Sport and Recreation, Ryedale District Council

We will further communicate our plan through regular Scarborough/Ryedale Cricket Development Group meetings

Our Secretary conveys the support and resources available to us through the County Cricket Board

Self Help

The cricket club development plan working group will draw on the experience gained through the Heslerton Sports Club Development Committee

The Club Secretary has accepted the responsibility of Club Development Manager until that position can be filled in accordance with the job description provided by the ECB

All members to be circulated seeking to gather volunteers, time and skills

Cricket Development Groups

Our Secretary or a deputy attends regular cricket development group meetings on behalf of the club

Through these meetings we access our County Cricket Development Manager and local sports and recreation manager

A summary of each meeting is given to the club management committee and, where relevant, the Club Development Manager devolves information to the clubs membership

One to One

We have attended meetings solely to discuss our ‘ECB Clubmark’ application with our County Cricket Development Manager

Accreditation has now been achieved – September 2008



Part 2

Question 1

How often does each of your club committees meet each season/year?

Sports Club

The Sports Club Management Committee meets a minimum of 4 times per year

Cricket Section

The Cricket Management Committee meets a minimum of 4 times per year

Sub Committees

Cricket Selection Committee meets weekly during the cricket season

All other cricket sub committees meet as deemed necessary, as laid down in the club constitution

Question 2

What written information is produced by each committee/sub committee and who produces this written information?

Sports Club

Sports Club Treasurer produces annual club financial report

Sports Club Secretary produces and communicates written minutes and correspondence to club representatives

Sports Club Chair delivers an annual report to club representatives

Cricket Section

Cricket Treasurer produces annual financial report on behalf of the cricket club

Cricket Secretary produces minutes from all Cricket Management Committee Meetings

Cricket Chair and Secretary delivers annual reports to cricket section

Sub Committees

Sub committee Chair co-ordinates agenda and produces minutes for meetings

Question 3

How does each committee communicate to the other committees and to club members?

Sports Club

Sports Club Secretary communicates directly with the section representatives who in turn communicate directly with their Management Committees

Cricket Section

The Cricket Representative (Cricket Chair or Vice Chair) is required to report the views of and contribute to the Club Management Committee. The Cricket Representative reports back relevant details to the Cricket Management Committee

The Secretary in liaison with the Chair arranges all Cricket Management Committee Meetings and informs all Committee Members.

Sub Committees

Sub committee Chair is required to attend Cricket Management Committee Meetings

The point of contact for all Cricket Management Committee issues is the Cricket Secretary. All communication is performed by telephone (or e-mail) but written agenda and minutes of Annual General Meetings are circulated to all members.



Agreed lead officer

Cricket Secretary (until Cricket Development Officer is appointed) in association with President with support of the Cricket Development Plan working group

Review date

Before 30th September annually

Agreed communication / actions

Cricket Secretary to update Cricket Development Plan

Cricket Secretary to produce a summary of achievements to date and agreed actions for the next 12 months

Cricket Secretary to report to Cricket Management Committee

President to ensure summary is available via club’s website



Development Plan Lead Contact Details

Name : Paul Nutt Work Telephone : 01944728204

Home Telephone : 01723859616

Position : Club Secretary Mobile Phone : 07770583071

Address : Ings House, E-Mail Address : w.nutt@farmline.com



North Yorkshire,

YO13 9BB.

Club Geographic Details

County Cricket Board – Primary Affiliation Yorkshire

County Cricket Board – Secondary Affiliation

County Sports Partnership Yorkshire

District Development Group Ryedale

Local Education Authority North Yorkshire

Local Authority Ryedale

Post Code of Club YO17 8SG

Region (Sport England) North East



Section Sub Total

Section 1 Club Mission Statement and Objectives 50

Section 2 Communication and Support 50

Section 3 Club Structure 50

Section 4 Review 100

Section 5 Club Background 0

Planning 3-6 Club Facilities 285,000

Planning 7-10 Club Facilities 5,650

Planning 13 Club Teams 100

Club Development Plan Total Cost (£) 291,000

Current Funds : Grant Aid, donations, fund raising towards new pavilion 280,000

Funds Applied For : Grant Aid (decision by 31st Dec 2007) 11,000

Donation offered : Towards building sightscreens & covers 500

Planned : Possible grant application for ground equipment


View Pavilion Grants


Step Number Step Name What have we got now ?


What do we want ?


How will we get there ? When will we get there ? Who is responsible and the partners we will work with What will it cost (including in kind costs). Who are you approaching to fund such costs.
3 Community Amateur Club Status Sports Pavilion opened 2008, fulfilling all child welfare regulations Additional playing area Through Heslerton Sports Club and liaising with Junior Football Club 2010 Heslerton Sports Club Committee Heslerton Sports Club, ECB and FA
4 Clubmark Achieved accreditation Maintain evidence files Maintain interest Ongoing Paul Nutt, John Crossland  
5 Local Community Links Informal links with West Heslerton, Rillington and Lutton Primary Schools Formal links with local schools through Ryedale & Whitby School Sport Partnership Liasise with Sports College (Lady Lumleys, Pickering) & local School Sports Co-Ordinators Gradual progression Paul Nutt  
6 Links with Sports Development Partners Links with Ryedale Cricket Development Group, Ryedale District Council & support from local Cricket Development Manager Links with Scarborough Cricket Club Enthusiasm Continual progression Junior Cricket Manager  


Step Number Step Name

What have we got now ?



What do we want ?



How will we get there ? When will we get there ? Who is responsible and the partners we will work with What will it cost (including in kind costs). Who are you approaching to fund such costs. Priority of facility development
7 General facilities Ground is leased to Heslerton Sports Club with 71 years remaining. Post Code of ground YO17 8SG. Have access to new pavilion incorporating modern facilities. Square and outfield are maintained by cricket groundsman. Practice net with artificial surface Continued use of excellent facilities. Additional playing area Supporting Heslerton Sports Club Additional playing area by 2010 Heslerton Sports Club Committee Cricket Club will pay annual rent as arranged


8 Indoor Playing Facilities None directly but facilities available at local sports and leisure centres in Scarborough, Pickering, Dunnington and Norton. All adequate for pre-season practice. Continue to use as required and available Enthusiasm of players Pre-season Secretary Leisure Centre booking fees


9 Outdoor playing facilities Fine turf match strips: 9                             Practice strips:   0                                    Synthetic surfaces:                                 Match strips: 0                                      Practice strips: 1                                         Plant & Machinery:                                    Pitch mowers:  1                                 Boundary mower:  1                              Outfield mowers:  2                                   Pitch rollers:  3                                          Scarifiers:  1                                         Tractor:  1 Fine turf match strips: 9            Practice strips:  0                           Synthetic surfaces:                        Match strips: 0                              Practice strips: 1                            Plant & Machinery:                        Pitch mowers:  1                         Boundary mower:  1                 Outfield mowers:  1                   Pitch rollers:  3                      Scarifiers:  1                                 Tractor:  1 Fund raising Application to Yorkshire Cricket Association,          Awards for All On going Fund Raising Committee Sightscreen built by Club Members for approx £500  Pitch Covers between         £500 - £1000


10 Multisports facilities Sports Field share with Football & Bowls Maintain sharing Sports Field with Football & Bowls. Encourage Co-operation and alternative sports Retain partnership with Heslerton Sports Club Management Committee Ongoing      Attend regular Sports Club Management Committee Meetings Cricket Representative     (Chairman or Vice Chairman)  Not applicable  


Current or Planned

Category          Boys   Girls      Disabled People   Men   Women 

Age Group:  Between Under 6 - Under 19 plus senior Total players in this category and age group Of total - number of black or ethnic minority players Of total - number of disabled players Number of teams in this category at this age group Number of coaches working with the team (s) Number of League matches Number of Cup matches Number of Friendly matches Number of Winter coaching sessions Number of Summer coaching sessions
Current Boys Under 11 18 0 0 1 2 0 0 8 0 13
Planned Boys Under 11 27 As interested As interested 1 3 14 3 6 0 14
Current Boys Under 15 18 0 0 1 2 18 3 0 0 22
Planned Boys Under 15 30 As interested As interested 1 3 18 3 0 0 22
Current Girls Under 13 1 0 0 0 With U 11's 0 0 0 0 0
Planned Girls Under 13 initially 6 As interested As interested 0 With U 11's 0 0 0 0 0
Current Male Over 15 37 1 0 4 0 68 20 0 0 0
Planned Male Over 15 48 As interested As interested 4 2 68 20 0 4 0


Category How will we get there ? When will we get there ? Who is responsible and partners we will work with ? What will it cost ? (including in kind costs) Who are you approaching to fund such costs
Boys Liaise with Sports College (Lady Lumleys) & local School Sports Co-ordinators at West Heslerton, Rillington & Lutton Primary Schools. Encourage interested players and parents to take up coaching courses. Enter under 11's League Liaison by August 2009             4 additional coaches trained 2008 Junior Managers & Coaches.                                   Will work with Ryedale Cricket Development Group & Local Leagues.                                                     Will liaise with Sports College & local School Sports Co-ordinators Not known                                         Evaluate with progression
Girls Liaise with Sports College (Lady Lumleys) & local School Sports Co-ordinators at West Heslerton, Rillington and Lutton Primary Schools.                                                                                   Enter Under 11's League                                                           Liaise with Junior Football Section Liaison by August 2009              4 additional coaches trained 2008 Junior Managers & Coaches.                                   Will work with Ryedale Cricket Development Group & Local Leagues.                                                     Will liaise with Sports College & local School Sports Co-ordinators and Junior Football Club Not known                                              Evaluate with progression
Disabled people Await any interest When appropriate                      New pavilion includes disabled facilities Cricket Management Committee Not known
Men Encourage and create the opportunity for younger players to progress to the senior teams.                                                      Further development of Evening League squads Continual Cricket Management Committee No specific costs involved
Women Encourage through coaching in the junior teams. Girls to progress into senior teams using Evening League as a vehicle Create the opportunity to reform the Heslerton Ladies C C if enough interest & enthusiasm Cricket Management Committee Not known